DIVERGENT original poem by Cali (Animal Witch)

Five factions to unite,Five factions to survive.

And choose your own desire, one destiny, one choice.

All filled with ones own beliefs, there are traitors, and the loyal.

The tests may give you a clue, but never the truthful answer.

Choose from the five, change, or destroy.



in courage.


that peace is hard won, and is sometimes necessary to fight for peace.


in not only bold words, but also in bold actions to match these words, because




in cowardice


that peace is more important than justice


that anything is more important than



To tell the truth, even if it hurts,

To be honest, or else you are a traitor.

Speak your mind, so that ALL

of it is heard, and make yourself, 

Worthy of CANDOR.


Peace, kindness, joy, loyalty,

Respect, happiness, stay in our midst.

We throw away violence, torture, and sadness,

We stand up for peace, the most

simple, and beautiful.


Not to draw any attention, but yet We stand together to thee.

Strive to be selfless, we care for more others than ourselves.

gentle routines, graceful thoughts.

We accept all, who choose to approach.


We are the smartest. with most intelligence,

not all can be worthy, for we choose only the very best.

we surge towards our goal, and nothing can be illogical.

Intelligence’s allegiance, after all, is hard won.

 But in the end, not all can fit in, 

As some are more rare than others. 

Some have more than one trait, and have inconclusive results.

Called by the name, rare but not unheard of.


One choice defines your friends,

One choice defines you beliefs,

One Choice Can Transform You.

Follow your heart, wherever you are

What  does it mean to follow your heart, and how is it different from following your gut? In my opinion, it is different because following your gut means to have a feeling that you should do something, while following your heart is when you want something. Here is an example of when I followed my heart.

Not a long time ago, I started something with my friend Tracy (Redwolf205). We decided we would try to encourage everyone in the school to stop and cut down eating meat to help protect animals. In my opinion, it was a good choice because so far, we have managed to convince a little bit of people, and our goal will only take a little bit of time. Another reason why I think it was a good choice is because we tried to protect animals and fight against any animal cruelty, and in my opinion, everything will  take time and . . .

“Whenever you want to achieve something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”-Paulo Coelo.

“The only thing that will stop a dream come true is the fear of failure.” -Paulo Coelo.

Words of Wisdom . . .

Question: What does the Alchemist mean for Santiago to change into wind? Explain.


When Santiago is asked to change  himself into the wind, he has great fear of failure. The wind is fearless, strong, continues, believing, and it perseveres. Turning into wind has been done before and can be done again. Santiago must turn into wind in three days, but he does not need that long. Santiago must become the wind, overcome all fears, persevere and believe in himself. He will never change into wind physically, but he can change into wind spiritually. That is all it means for Santiago to change into wind. Change himself.

Secrets in all meanings. Question based on “The Alchemist”

What does the alchemist mean when he said “you don’t have to understand the desert, all you have to do is contemplate a simple grain of sand, and you will see in it all the marvels of creation.”

I think that what he said has multiple meanings. The first meaning is that you have to move forwards slowly. You should take your time and explore everything one at a time. It is better if you only see a little bit and learn a lot about the thing you have explored carefully rather than seeing everything and know anything about that. The second thing is that everything has similarities. When you see one part of something, you have already saw half of it. Everything in nature, from animals, to plants, and to landscapes are all somehow connected. Once you can understand a little bit, you can understand the beauty of the whole creation. Those are some of the things that I think  the Alchemist may have meant when he said the words to Santiago.