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Hello! My name is Cali. I am 10 years old. On this page, you are going to learn a lot about me. Get ready . . .

I was born in Canada and I have lived here ever since. Well, almost anyway. My grandparents both live in China so I visit them once in a while. My mother lives in Taiwan so I travel between country’s a lot. I live with my dad most of the time, but I still have a lot of other loving family members. I have a younger sister named Lucy but she lives with my stepmother in Mississauga. I used to have a cute, male, kitten. We spent a lot of enjoyable time together and I really miss him now that we are not together anymore. I also used to have two turtles and a lot of fish. Wait, are we talking about pets right now? On that note, let’s bring up a something-I mean, someone  that I can’t believe I didn’t think of mentioning earlier.



 Look at the image right above this paragraph. You can probably see where I am going with this already. We can all tell it’s a hamster, that is grey, and to be specific, a Russian dwarf hamster. His name is Coco, and he is our class’s recent class pet. You might be wondering why I needed to start a whole new paragraph to talk about him. Keep reading and you will soon find out. He is very special to me-Well, any animal is special to me. Okay, reword that; I really love Coco. Better?  He is obviously really cute, but he is also funny, and curious. He used to bite at any human contact when we first got him, but he now doesn’t care, or perhaps even enjoys being handled. Such a big change was able to happen in less than only two months. Lot’s of people say that I am too obsessed with him, but in my opinion, being obsessed and loving someone are completely different things. Okay sure, I have been offering to buy all sorts of hamster  materials for him, play with him on any chance I get, take him home on weekends, and, I’m going to admit, even add him in class assignments like I am doing right now. However, how does that stop at being obsessed? Some people love video games, some love reading, some love musical instruments, and I just love animals. It’s who I am. Speaking of things other people like, maybe I should move on to  what like.

 My apologies for my super long second paragraph. I don’t think it was too boring though. Anyway, back to main topic. The things I like. My first thing on the list:Animals. Now, you have most likely heard people say this a thousand times before, but don’t decide that you don’t want to read this paragraph because you think your just going to get a repeat of someone else’s writing. The pieces that you already read countess times before may be deceiving. Don’t worry, because I don’t think you have read something like this before. I don’t love animals because of their cute looks or there amazing features-I mean, I love those parts to, but my main reasons are because I think of them as equals, who deserve love and respect just the same as humans. ( Now you understand the whole thing with Coco.) Some people think that humans are at a higher level than animals. I STRONGLY DISAGREE! If you really think about it, what really separates human from animals? Isn’t it only the knowledge? Most people will say yes. Well then, is being smart the most important thing ever? NO!   Animals need the same basic need of a human, such as food, water, air, and shelter. Again, people say that I am obsessed on this topic but I am NOT. For such reasons, I also avoid eating any type of meat.  How would you feel if you were eating something from a human? I feel the same way towards animals. I personally oppose to eating animals, killing animals, capturing animals, or using animals to do work and make money. When you go to a farm, you will probably see animals doing all the work and the people sluggishly following them. The more some people watch, the more monotonous it seems. The more I watch, the more aggressive I get. You could argue that the animals are “helping out,”and sure, I won’t be saying all this if that was the case, but the truth is not like that. Let’s take a horse. He or she “helps out” on the farm for his or her whole life. One day, the farmer decides that the horse is getting to old and week, and decides that he doesn’t want it anymore. What happens next? The farmer will either 1) kill it and eat it 2) taunt it and sell it 3) force the horse to work until it dies. Now, can you still  consider that “helping out”? Read the quotes below. Animals are living beings, and deserve as much as we do.


  Now, I am going to move on to what I love to do. The first thing I love is preforming to other people. This section includes acting, singing, dancing, speeches, or anything where I can express myself and my talents. For me, it feels great to be onstage and just have attention on me. I know a lot of  people who are scared of being onstage, but I have never felt that way before. Being onstage or in front of others always feels amazing, especially during a solo. It makes it even a greater achievement.

Moving on now. In school, I usually get pretty good marks. My favourite  subjects in school are media, gym,drama, art and french. media has been VERY easy for me to understand and use. Explore my blog if you want any proof. I interpret a lot of computer related things easily and it is really fun for me to explore on my own as well. I love  gym because it is one of the only subjects where you can actually move around and not sit around. Drama is my forever favourite Subject ever! I’m not just saying this because I good at it, but it is also SO FUN. It feels great to act out someone that isn’t you and you just get to explore all sorts of personalities and make them your own. It also feels so different from your everyday self and you are usually in all sorts of weird and exciting scenes.  I’m currently in the cast of the school show at my school. I LOVE acting!

There are a lot of things that I do in my spare time. Whenever I have spare time I will most likely spend some time reading. It helps me forget anything that I don’t want to think about, because whenever I read, I am literally in the story and I forget who I really am. Something else that I always do to reduce stress is gymnastics. You won’t believe how quickly stress can go away just by doing a few cartwheels or walkovers. Sometimes in my spare time, I will also talk to my friends or my parents because it is impossible for me to stop talking or inquiring.

Oh, times up already. Guess I have to go now. Believe me, I would’t mind writing another fifty pages about myself. I hope that you learned something about me. Remember the advice on paragraph 3 and take my stress tips because . . .Uh oh, I’m starting to talk again. Better leave before I write more. Bye!


2 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Hello Cali,
    Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting on it. I like that you listed long paragraphs about yourself in your about page. I have a pet leopard gecko and eats lots of different food.
    Thanks for checking out my blog and Have Fun!!!

  2. I LOVE GECKOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Well actually any animal.)
    Thanks for the comment Scotty!

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