Why kids should not have homework

It seems funny to think how one amazing school day can turn into something totally boring and annoying. At the end of a school day, I always hear myself saying something like, ” Aghh,  we have so much homework?!” If you can relate, you are not the only one. 75% of all students agree that there should be no homework at school. Today, that is what I will be telling you about: Why kids should not have homework.

The first reason to why homework should be banned is that there is not enough time for both teachers and students. When a student has too much homework, they use the time that they need for homework instead of other things, such as independent learning as well as time with family and friends. Teachers will also spend a lot of their time checking and grading homework assignments. In this case, a lot of time will be spent.

Have you ever wanted to rush on homework, or end up copying someone else’s work? Well, quite a few students do that. The main reasons are that students think it’s boring, or they believe that it takes way too much time. If kids don’t even like homework, than why bother have it? Homework may create a lot of stress and can lead kids to a negative side of learning.

My last argument. Students all have their own methods of learning. We all learn differently. When kids have homework, they usually don’t learn independently, which is a skill that everyone has to develop through life. If students don’t have homework, they will study in their own ways, and learn a lot quicker and better. Students all have the ability to study alone, so why not do it?

Now, perhaps you could argue that having homework can create a great learning connection between the teacher and the students, where they can discuss the homework assignments together. However, I believe that they can work together with homework, or without homework, and if kids learn independently, they can have a learning connection with family and friends, who can help just as well.

The time is flying by right now as if we were rushing n a homework assignment. This speech is already coming to a end. Just remember everyone, all students should not have any homework. It takes up a lot of time, many students don’t like it, and students could study very well independently as well. Homework should be banned from school, forever!

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