Hi people. I haven’t checked this blog since I left for Taiwan last year and now I am in CWSA!!!!!!!!   (sorry im to lazy to write the entire non short form even though  the sentence I am typing right now is a lot longer…)  Can you BELIEVE my school though? the ONLY competitive event there is in the ENTIRE SCHOOL is track and field!!!!!!!!!!! Think nothing can top that?????? THey’ve even taken out triple jump, shotput, 100 meters, 800 meters, AND running long jump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ALL OF THE TRYOUTS ARE AT 7 30 IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously I cant make it to any of them because on monday i have Festival strings, tuesday i just dont want to wake up early, wednesday i have mixed jazz, thursday i have RAD lyrical, and friday I have ….. okay im droning on and saying a bunch of useless stuff but the ONE time the tryouts were after school, I couldn”t go because conveniently, I was at Earl Heigh for Claude Watson Dance night. Still, my solo was at the very end so I got to hang out backstage with my friends for about two hours which was sorta worth it.  I’m gonna be soooooooooooo happy if I manage to get into earl heigh cause i already know the place inside out from going there like, 20 times for Rehearsals. on the first few monthes, we got, like, a quarter of the amount of homework Mr.Lee gives. Now it feels like a lot but it really is still less than the homework from grade 5 and the teachers barely check so I can usually finish it at reccess except for larger projects. ( I currently still have a mountain of homework to do, but i’ll worry about that later)

The feild trips are all pretty boring and short. The first time, we went to a historical museum(wow… exiting…snore…..) The secong time we went to the Toronto symphony. The funnest part in that trip was the subway breaking down. The third time, it was an art museum. The most exciting part was meeting a super cute whit puppy.

Im gonna have to go now, but will probably post something else in the next 3 hours because Ivy is coming over . See ya!

ps. Mr.Lee, if you see this, say hi to Cinomin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sorry if I spelled her name wrong)

Jacques Cartier biography


Who is Jacques Cartier? Familiar name? Well, now is your chance to find out. Jacques was a boy who loved going to sea since he was very young. Jacques was born on December 31, 1491, at Saint-Malo, France. He always explored the seas and was soon sent by the king of France to explore North America, and the king sent him to find gold, jewels, and other riches.

He sailed on April 20, 1534, with two ships and 61 men, and arrived 20 days later. Jacques Cartier explored the west coast of Newfoundland, discovered Prince Edward Island and also found Prince Edward Island. While Jacques was at Canada, he put up a large wooden cross with the flag of France. At this point, one of the native chiefs used hand gestures to protest this act. Jacques claimed that it was simply a marker and intended to bring two of the native people to France and the chief agreed to give him two of his sons as long as they returned shortly. They did not return and the two men then served as guides.

When Jacques Cartier returned from the journey and reported everything to the king, the king was really impressed. Because of that, he went back to explore the next year. He went in May with 110 men and three ships. Jacques captured two Indians and they served as guides. In that September, Cartier sailed downriver to what would become Montreal. When he got there, he was first welcomed by the people who controlled the area and even found out where he could find riches and spices, but then, the weather became wildly windy and the water way was impossible to pass. This made the people who lived there angry. In spring, Jacques captured some of the people and made his way back to France to report his findings to the king.

On his last journey on the following May, Jacques made another voyage, this time with 5 ships. They set up a camp in Quebec and there, they found a lot of gold and diamonds. After getting many riches, Jacques gathered his men and went back to France.

Finally and sadly, Jacques died on September 1, 1557, Saint-Malo, France

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Griffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin. CHOOSE! (well, maybe)

Did you understand the title? Probably not, so let me explain that first.

There were four houses that have united to form Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. here they are.

Griffindor(My house!) represents bravery, courage, determination, and chivalry. It is the rarest house that usually leads to great and powerful witches and wizards. They except only the BRAVEST of all witches and wizards.

Slytherin(My enemy house) represents purity and power. It is also a pretty rare house because they only except pure blood wizards and witches. (I don’t like this trait!On the online game, I am a half blood!)

Ravenclaw(pretty nice house) represents intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom. They except anyone who is smart and they always get really good grades. Ravenclaw is not as rare as Griffindor but more than Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuff(I like these people) represents kindness, empathy, loyalty, and justice. They are a gentle house that excepts everyone who is left out of the other houses. They do no believe in judgement and cares for everyone. Not a rare house.

I chose a character from the book Divergent, who is Beatrice/Tris Prior. What house would she belong in? For Hogwarts, the sorting hat places you in a house and you don’t have a chance to choose, which would be a relief to Tris because she is not good with choices. In my opinion, she should be placed in Griffindor(with me!) for the following reasons.

1. In Divergent,she is in the faction of Dauntless, which also represents the same things Griffindor does. Perfect match!

2. Tris is Divergent, which means she belong in more than one faction. They are Dauntless(the brave) Erudite(the intelligent) and Abnegation(the selfless) Who says Griffindor isn’t smart and selfless??? (look around threateningly)Beware, if you did, i shall track you down!

3. She did many brave things to prove that she actually is very brave, Dauntless or not.

4. I want to be in the same house as her! (does that count as a reason?)


DIVERGENT original poem by Cali (Animal Witch)

Five factions to unite,Five factions to survive.

And choose your own desire, one destiny, one choice.

All filled with ones own beliefs, there are traitors, and the loyal.

The tests may give you a clue, but never the truthful answer.

Choose from the five, change, or destroy.



in courage.


that peace is hard won, and is sometimes necessary to fight for peace.


in not only bold words, but also in bold actions to match these words, because




in cowardice


that peace is more important than justice


that anything is more important than



To tell the truth, even if it hurts,

To be honest, or else you are a traitor.

Speak your mind, so that ALL

of it is heard, and make yourself, 

Worthy of CANDOR.


Peace, kindness, joy, loyalty,

Respect, happiness, stay in our midst.

We throw away violence, torture, and sadness,

We stand up for peace, the most

simple, and beautiful.


Not to draw any attention, but yet We stand together to thee.

Strive to be selfless, we care for more others than ourselves.

gentle routines, graceful thoughts.

We accept all, who choose to approach.


We are the smartest. with most intelligence,

not all can be worthy, for we choose only the very best.

we surge towards our goal, and nothing can be illogical.

Intelligence’s allegiance, after all, is hard won.

 But in the end, not all can fit in, 

As some are more rare than others. 

Some have more than one trait, and have inconclusive results.

Called by the name, rare but not unheard of.


One choice defines your friends,

One choice defines you beliefs,

One Choice Can Transform You.

Why kids should not have homework

It seems funny to think how one amazing school day can turn into something totally boring and annoying. At the end of a school day, I always hear myself saying something like, ” Aghh,  we have so much homework?!” If you can relate, you are not the only one. 75% of all students agree that there should be no homework at school. Today, that is what I will be telling you about: Why kids should not have homework.

The first reason to why homework should be banned is that there is not enough time for both teachers and students. When a student has too much homework, they use the time that they need for homework instead of other things, such as independent learning as well as time with family and friends. Teachers will also spend a lot of their time checking and grading homework assignments. In this case, a lot of time will be spent.

Have you ever wanted to rush on homework, or end up copying someone else’s work? Well, quite a few students do that. The main reasons are that students think it’s boring, or they believe that it takes way too much time. If kids don’t even like homework, than why bother have it? Homework may create a lot of stress and can lead kids to a negative side of learning.

My last argument. Students all have their own methods of learning. We all learn differently. When kids have homework, they usually don’t learn independently, which is a skill that everyone has to develop through life. If students don’t have homework, they will study in their own ways, and learn a lot quicker and better. Students all have the ability to study alone, so why not do it?

Now, perhaps you could argue that having homework can create a great learning connection between the teacher and the students, where they can discuss the homework assignments together. However, I believe that they can work together with homework, or without homework, and if kids learn independently, they can have a learning connection with family and friends, who can help just as well.

The time is flying by right now as if we were rushing n a homework assignment. This speech is already coming to a end. Just remember everyone, all students should not have any homework. It takes up a lot of time, many students don’t like it, and students could study very well independently as well. Homework should be banned from school, forever!

Relax , to relax. Original poem by Cali

credits to: http://imgbuddy.com/


A little yellow kitten, as relaxed as can be,

adorable and fluffy creature, something normal and unique to see.

It is relaxed, to be relaxed,

conscious, but tranquilized.

A little yellow kitten, as relaxed as can be.